With his new album on the shelves, the guitarist talks about the peace and purity of Bach – despite some noisy frogs.

It ’s now a year since your first disc of Bach Cello Suites was released. Were you expecting it to be so successful?

It’s been exciting to see the first volume doing so well. The Cello Suites have always been exceptionally popular, of course, but it’s been very humbling to see it resonating with both old and new audiences. A huge thank you must go to Jim Redgate for crafting this gorgeous new baritone guitar and also to ABC Classics for being such a wonderful vehicle for this release.

Were there any lessons learnt putting together that first disc that you brought over to recording the second?

There were lots of ‘unknowns’ going into the first recording. ‘How were the thicker strings going to affect the right hand finger nails? Will recording at UKARIA Cultural Centre be possible?’ Thankfully it all worked out on the first outing and with a few little adjustments we were able to sail through the recording of the second volume. Special thanks to Shaun Rigney, the producer, who gallantly kept the frogs quiet outside while...