Ahead of her Australian tour, the Korean diva answers Facebook and Twitter questions.

Thanks to Limelightreaders for this collaborative interview effort! Glamorous Korean soprano Sumi Jo has responded to your questions, submitted via Facebook and Twitter, and we’ve collated it all in this lively Q&A ahead of her upcoming recitals in Sydney and Melbourne. Here are some extra questions weasked Sumiin an interview where she confesses that she loves flirting, boxes two hours a day (so don’t cross her) and that her favourite duo partner is her dog, Cindy Crawford.

Was there any advice or mantra given to you as a young singer that has stuck with you thus far? And do you have any advice for young aspiring singers?  Ali Manifold

From the time I first arrived in Italy 28 years ago to study opera until now, my teachers are the ones who have carried me through. What I am trying to say is most of the things you learn come from what you have tried and experienced. Nothing truly becomes yours unless you practise it yourself. What I can say to the young singers is that it really requires a lot of...