Your career started taking off when you were very young – what were the advantages and disadvantages of that?

I’m lucky to have started music at a young age – I like to believe that my playing facility is helped by starting young. I also believe that performing as a child helps me feel more comfortable in concerts now; I am especially grateful for this in the performances that are more challenging!

Susie Park Susie Park. Photo supplied

How important were international competitions in launching your career outside Australia?

International competitions opened my eyes to the playing level of others, and also afforded me the opportunity to meet teachers and established performers around the world. I played in venues I’d only heard and dreamed about. I was exposed to the world of violinists and musicians I wouldn’t have met in Australia, at least not in such a concentrated fashion. There were conductors who were at competitions I did then who I still work with!

Your career has taken you around the world – what have been the most memorable moments for you?

I’ll never forget playing in the Musikverein as a freshman at Curtis. Knowing that Brahms and Mahler...