Colorado Symphony gets into bed with cannabis companies in hopes of hitting new highs.

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra has announced that it intends to perform a series of “cannabis-friendly” fundraising concerts sponsored by representatives of the state’s legalised pot industry. The concerts, which they are calling “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series”, are supposedly a means of supplementing the cash-strapped orchestra’s income and, it is hoped, increasing its dwindling audiences.

Colorado legalised marijuana retail back in January, and have allegedly already collected $2 million in recreational pot taxes, but according to the orchestra it’s not the money but the smokers they are after. “The cannabis industry obviously opens the door even further to a younger, more diverse audience,” said Colorado Symphony CEO Jerome Kern. It’s a two-way relationship which will see marijuana-related companies acquiring “the legitimacy of being associated with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.” he added.

The new scheme follows the successful “Beethoven and Brews,” series, which the symphony inaugurated in a downtown hotel bar, and where musicians play classical music in conjunction with local breweries running beer tastings.

It might not all be plain sailing however. Kern has already fielded complaints from at least one musician and symphony supporters are...