The first concert tour of From Broadway to La Scalain 2015, featuring Greta Bradman, Lisa McCune, David Hobson and you, sold out and became a best-selling CD and DVD. Were you expecting that?

I was really nervous about it last time. We all were a little bit, because it was a different format for us and when you do something for the first time you’re never sure if it’s going to have a platform.
What was great was that I think the people that put it together knew it would be a success. But combining opera and musicals, I wasn’t too sure how it would work, and yet it was received in a wonderful way, so that was great. It was quite a slick sort of show.

Did you have any say in what you got to sing or input in terms of the choice of repertoire?

Well, it was really chosen by our music director, Vanessa Scammell, in conjunction with Tyran Parke, the director. Vanessa knows what we all do so they put a suggested programme to us. We had a little bit of input into saying what sort of music we’d like to do, and then they decided who would sing...