Silent film finds its voice in the modern age. Plus, see the complete list of Academy Award winners.

The Artisthas won the Oscar for Best Original Score in the 84th Academy Awards at yesterday’s glitzy Hollywood ceremony. The composer Ludovic Bource, until recently little-known outside his native France, had collaborated with the film’s director Michel Hanazavicius on previous films but The Artist,a “silent” film with no dialogue, marked a significant departure for both and has catapulted them to international stardom.

Bource, a pianist with no formal training in composition, worked with a team of orchestrators to create The Artist‘s lush, classic sound world. Beating out Hollywood heavyweights John Williams ( The Adventures of Tintin) and Howard Shore ( Hugo) to claim the prize, the score was the favourite contender following its BAFTA and Golden Globe triumphs.

In an interview with Limelight,Bource acknowledged it was a “risky” undertaking in today’s filmmaking climate – as in the golden age of silent films, it placed a huge amount of pressure on the music to carry the action and emotional drama. He said he relished “the opportunity to express truly the emotional state of the principal characters....