In what is doubtless going to be a pattern for some time to come, the emergence of COVID-19 cases, acquired from newly arrived international travellers in quarantine, has caused sudden border closures between states in recent weeks. This has led to the temporary shuttering of venues that were already back in business, and the postponement of various arts events including the opening of the Perth Festival, which had to be put back a week.

MTC Ghost Light Melbourne Theatre Company’s ghost light. Photo © Melbourne Theatre Company

Though this is causing all kinds of difficulties and angst for producers and arts managers, they are nonetheless going with the flow and adjusting admirably to whatever comes their way. The fact that theatres and concert halls are open and hosting events all over Australia is miraculous compared to the situation overseas, thanks to the way the federal and state governments have handled the pandemic.

However, the discontinuation of the JobKeeper subsidy at the end of this month is another major hurdle, causing plenty of concern within the arts and entertainment industry, with fears that some companies may not...