Established in 2009 by saxophonist-composer Jeremy Rose, Earshift Music has become a significant presence in the Australian jazz scene. Starting out as a means for Rose to release his own solo recordings and collaborative projects, it has grown to encompass not just Rose’s close friends, but also his mentors and colleagues, as well as interstate and overseas artists. In a 2018 profile on Rose and the label, New York City Jazz Recordwrote, ​​“the Sydney-based imprint reflects the next generation of talent from the Australian jazz scene and is hell-bent on shaping new unique voices and pushing the very definition of what jazz can be and can achieve”.

Jeremy Rose

This year Earshift is celebrating its 60th release, and it is also putting on the fourth annual Earshift Music Festival, in partnership with SIMA (Sydney Improvised Music Association), a ten-night livestreamed festival that is completely free to watch, featuring sets from members of the label’s extended family. In addition to the performances, Rose will also conduct live chats with each performer.

The lineup is a tantalising mix...