Hear Guy Noble as you never have before in this preview of The Guy Noble Radio Show.

One of my favorite ‘life moments’ took place in 1991, in the Pronunciation Unit of BBC Radio in Broadcasting House in London. I had been taken there by the editor of presentation of Radio 3 after I had made an on-air mess of the pronunciation of the word ‘Lieutenant’ as part of my news reading duties on the network. In those pre-computer days all the recommended pronunciations were written on cards and filed in large filing draws. Many of these recommendations were handwritten by former BBC announcers and producers. A draw was opened by the serious Head of Pronunciation and an old yellowed card was taken out with the official BBC recommendation for “lieutenant” depending on the wing of the armed forces, and also on whether the aforementioned officer was in the British or the American or even the Australian army, navy or airforce.

The rest of this preview is contained in the audio below.

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