A capacity for hard work, single-mindedness, and a passion for the task at hand. These are just some of the qualities shared by both classical musicians and lawyers, making it no surprise that there’s a growing number of lawyers orchestras popping up around the country.

Thomas Jones and the Sydney Lawyers Orchestra

For Thomas Jones, founder and conductor of the Sydney Lawyers Orchestra, many of the musicians he plays with are lawyers who, although perfectly happy with their day jobs, still need a nourishing creative outlet. “It’s really a group of people who wanted to enjoy making music together,” he says. “I think what perhaps surprised me was the sheer depth of talent in terms of the quality of some of the players. There are a number of ex full-time professional musicians, several people who have got undergraduate performance degrees, and there are several people also who just have a real passion for music but found it difficult to make the decision of whether you pursue it as a full-time career or you pursue another profession that’s probably got a greater degree of personal and financial security.”

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Jones...