Jonathan Dove is perhaps best known for choral and theatrical works. Have purely orchestral works always been an important part of his creative output and are these pieces part of a much larger body of work?

It’s true: I can’t think of anyone writing today who has composed quite as many operas as Jonathan Dove! And his choral works are central to the repertoire – his oratorio  There Was a Child has quickly become something of a modern classic.

TImothy Redmond Timothy Redmond

His orchestral and instrumental writing has always existed alongside these works, but they haven’t had quite the same attention. The five orchestral works we recorded are the most substantial to date, but there are another dozen or so to explore, including five concertos. In fact, next season I’m conducting his trombone concerto STARGAZERwith three different orchestras, all with Peter Moore – the brilliant young principal trombone of the LSO – as soloist. There’s a wealth of chamber music too and a great deal of instrumental music that Dove composed for the theatre, but not much of that is available for concert performance.

The works on this disc span 20 years yet...