How are you enjoying the Australian Festival of Chamber Musicso far?

I’m really enjoying it. First of all I’m very, very happy that Kathy invited me here. She’s a good and dear friend. With amazing musicians, of course, amazing playing – but also just really nice people to hang around. It’s just a lot of fun and a lot of great conversations. And then, of course, the weather is nice, and the audience!

You’ve worked with Kathryn Stottbefore, and recorded with her, how did the two of you first meet?

We met at a festival in Norway, I think in 2010, at the Stavanger Music Festival. The first time we played together it was actually the piece we’re going to play [in Gypsies, Pipers and Dukes], the Légendeby George Enescu. The first time we played together was live on the radio. I had this radio lady following me around and she was, like, “And now, live from the rehearsal room, let’s go in with Tine.” So we said hello live on radio and then she asked us a couple of questions and then, “can you play something?” We were like, “Ah… OK.” So we did the...