For musical theatre star Todd McKenney, the chance to perform with an orchestra is always a pleasure. “It opens up my repertoire,” he tells Limelight.

The entertainer, best known for his portrayal of Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz– and as a judge on the Australian Dancing with the Starsfor no fewer than 15 seasons – McKenney will have the opportunity to front a 31-piece orchestra later this year when he takes to the seas.

Todd McKenney Todd McKenney

McKenney will join Sydney’s The Metropolitan Orchestra, the shipboard band for Bravo Cruise of the Performing Arts, which he headlines with baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes this year, in a line-up that includes Cheryl Barker, Peter Coleman-Wright, the Seven Sopranos and more.

“So I’m going to do some stuff that uses that size orchestra and then I’m also going to do some musical theatre stuff and then a section of Peter Allen stuff – so I don’t get lynched,” he laughs.

“Normally when I do the Peter Allen stuff I really only need a ten-piece, maximum – I can even do it with a five-piece – but I just don’t want to waste the orchestra sitting...