Sixteen classics left in a head to head slug out for top piece of music. Your vote counts.

The Tone Deafwebsite is hosting an Orchestral March Madness competition in which 64 works are paired off and voted down until only one remains. It’s all in the name of fun with no prize for the winner. Voting is already open and the 64 have been whittled down to 16 with the Championship bracket being decided on April 7.

A discussion board beneath the voting is causing quite a commotion. One user said, “If anyone votes for the Philip Glass Violin Concerto over Beethoven Nine, they should be shot,” while another, “Pachelbel can step off, I’d vote against the buffoon were he up against Rebecca Black.” One user obviously got the wrong impression from Debussy’s music, exclaiming “DOWN WITH LA MER!!”

John Bogenschutz’s  Tone Deaf webcomic series began in 2008. It follows the antics of band director’s Ed and Thom, two teachers at Dudley High School, and how they deal with the band program and with each other. Occasionally  Tone Deaf creates random comics that have nothing to do with Ed and Thom but still use (or abuse) music as its subject matter.

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