It’s been a busy year for our critics, but also for our readers, with so many wonderful shows to see and read about! Here are the top ten most-read live reviews on Limelight in 2017.

10. Richard 3 (Bell Shakespeare)

Live Reviews, Top Ten, Kate Mulvany, Richard 3

“Kate Mulvany juggles charming wit and cunning ruthlessness in a visceral performance as the ‘bunch-back’d king.”

9. Muriel’s Wedding the Musical (Sydney Theatre Company)

Live Review, Muriel's Wedding the Musical, Sydney Theatre Company

“With a fantastic score and a brilliant Muriel, the musical of the iconic film more than lives up to the hype.”

8. King Roger (Opera Australia, Sydney Festival)

King Roger, Live Reviews, Top Ten

“Szymanowski rarity marries spectacular staging with an intense erotic charge.”

7. Carmen (Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour, Opera Australia)

Live Reviews, Top Ten, Carmen

“With plenty of colour and spectacle, lovers of Carmen’s hits won’t be disappointed.”

6. La Traviata (Opera Australia)

Live reviews, top ten

“Ermonela Jaho’s tragic heroine earns a well-deserved standing ovation.”

5. Dinner (Sydney Theatre Company)

Dinner, Live reviews, top ten

With vicious repartee and wounding games, this is a dinner to remember.”

4. Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci (Opera Australia)

Live Reviews, top ten, opera

Michieletto flashes his verismo credentials as Torre goes for double gold.”

3. Saul (Glyndebourne Opera, Adelaide Festival)

Live reviews, saul, top ten

“Kosky’s baroque extravaganza could power SA’s electricity grid for a month.”

2. Parsifal (Opera Australia)

Live reviews, top ten, jonas kaufmann

“Kaufmann isn’t the only thing that impresses in a superlative night of Wagner singing.”

The Most-Read Live Review on Limelight in 2017

1. Nude Live (Sydney Dance Company, AGNSW, Sydney Festival)

live reviews, top ten, nude live

“All of human life is here, brilliantly juxtaposed both with and without clothes.”


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