Belgium ensemble Trio Dali are very serious about having fun with music.

Waterloo is a tiny train platform a short, rattly ride from Brussels. There is no trace of either Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington, and no two-cornered hats in sight. Instead, I receive a blast of exuberant energy from the three young musicians awaiting me in the miniscule station car park.

Violinist Vineta Sareika, pianist Amandine Savary and cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca exude so much good humour and cheer that the short drive to the Queen Elisabeth College of Music is like a party.

Trio Dali has concert a few days hence in Liege, and the college where the trio’s collective life began offers a peaceful setting where the musicians can rehearse together.

The three musicians, all embarking on successful solo careers, met at a Spanish chamber music festival in Santander five years ago and became friends. It was only when the same festival brought all three back the next year that they decided to play together.

“We found we still had the same kind of friendship, so we decided to make some music together,” recalls Sareika.

“We agreed on everything,” explains La Marca....