Tos Mahoney, director of the dynamic Perth new music organisation, on the state of new music in WA today.


Happy 25 thbirthday, Tos. What does it feel like to be 25 years old?

Exhausting! (chuckles)

When you founded TURA New Music 25 years ago, what was your main goal? Have you achieved it?

We founded what is now TURA New Music as Evos Music.The goal was to create a support structure for a broad range of new music practice in WA, and we certainly have achieved that. To a degree, we achieved that in the first five to ten years. I guess what’s been achieved in the ensuing 15 years is that it’s been sustained and grown. In the first 15 years, we were city based, but our regional reach has grown immeasurably in the last ten years. We’ve also managed not to get stuck on a particular definition of what new music is, which is an achievement in itself. New music keeps growing and evolving, and we’ve made sure that the support we provide also continues to evolve to keep up with it.

What have been your personal highlights of this year’s TURA program?