Universal Music is hoping to tap into the enormous market of the owners of approximately 3.3 million pet cats that live in Australia. Their new album – Music for Cats– comprises five pieces by US composer and cellist David Teie and has been specifically written for the feline ear. Not only that, according to the marketing blurb they have been scientifically proven to enrich the lives of cats and provide a calming influence for our feline friends.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this world-first project and break into the massive untapped market of non-human music fans,” said an anony-mouse spokesperson for Universal. “The possibilities are endless for more species specific ‘Music For’ albums: dogs and horses could all be on the cards. David Teie’s creative ideas, passion and solid research has laid the perfect foundation for success and in his words, ‘A hundred years from now people will have to be taught that music was once only for humans’.”

David Teie’s music is composed especially for cats to enjoy

Teie’s music incorporates cat-centric sounds and classical elements, drawing on the sounds cats hear...