First place in the 14th International Piano Competition goes to 26-year-old Ukrainian Vadym Kholodenko

After 17 days of music making, 26-year old Ukrainian Vadym Kholodenko has triumphed over 30 other pianists to win the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. He takes home the Nancy Lee and Perry R Bass Gold Medal, the Van Cliburn Winner’s Cup and a cash prize of $50,000. He also receives studio and live recordings produced by Harmonia Mundi USA, and will embark upon international and US concert tours as part of his award.

Kholodenko told the press he was glad that his mother at home in Kiev could watch him perform online while his pianist wife and their toddler watched in Moscow. “She tried not to criticize too much because she understood the pressure,” he told Associated Pressafter winning Sunday night, referring to his wife. “She was supportive, like all of my family and friends….Before the Mozart I had to turn my phone off because I was getting so many calls and texts.”

Winners of the Silver and Crystal awards were Italian Beatrice Rana and Sean Chen from California. Rana, a popular performer with the audiences, was felt by many to have deserved...