Your latest album is music you composed for Wayne McGregor’s new ballet Woolf Works. Were you a Virginia Woolf fan before the project?

Yeah. I read Woolf when I was in my late teens. I associate her very much with starting to explore reading for myself, beyond things I just hadto read, and diving into that whole modernist explosion like Joyce and all those other writers.

Do you have particular favourites among her novels?

Well, they’re all so different. I think that’s the thing about her. It’s not like someone like Dickens where you know what you’re going to get, broadly. You don’t know with Woolf, and I think that’s what so interesting about her. They’re very, very distinctive universes. But I have a big soft spot for Mrs Dalloway,because I love the emotional texture of it.

Composer Max Richter Composer Max Richter

How did the Royal Ballet’s Woolf Workscome about?

The idea came from Wayne directly. We enjoy working together and we’ve always got something cooking away in the background. He had the opportunity to make his first full length ballet at Covent Garden – so kind of a big deal –...