As we reemerge into a changed world after the darkness of lockdowns; loss, loneliness, and grief may dwell in our near periphery, or be still active in our days and hearts.

How can we respond to this moment in time? Through my work, I wanted to find the ground. A place to rest. Where our senses are enlivened, where beauty is exposed for us to linger in, and to let go. Unencumbered.

Leah Curtis. Photo © Stephanie Neal.

As composers and performers, we are invited into others’ worlds to tell stories through music. Those of an individual, a culture, a world, a moment. This active empathy has been the very center of my world, as I approach international cinema collaborations. Each one starts from the ground.

This collaboration with Southern Cross Soloists and Didgeridoo player and descendant of the Wakka Wakka people from Queensland Chris Williamshas opened up a new conversation. A new language and voice, shared empathy, curiosity, and expression through music. Chris has invited me into his world of the...