Deborah Cheetham AO gave me the greatest support when I suggested I’d like to write a commemorative piece for the Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s Australian Series. When I mentioned the name, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she was delighted. This short work celebrates the life and work of Ruth: wife, mother and judge of the Supreme Court of America.

Composer Moya Henderson at her desk Composer Moya Henderson. Photo © David Franklin

Much of Justice Ginsburg’s work on the bench has been for the ongoing benefit of women. All peoples everywhere, but especially women, have recently suffered the threat of ex-President Trump’s menacing last days in power; we wondered, and still do, if the Ginsburg reforms will continue to survive.

Those of us who watched the assault of the Capitol on 6 January will never forget the horrifying impact of that attempted Putsch led by Donald Trump to overthrow a newly, but legally, elected government. I was in shock for three days after watching those deranged events. I am an Australian, not an American, but such was the fearful alarm caused to my whole...