Where did the idea for An Aria a Day come from?

When the virus hit two priorities very quickly rose to the surface – how do we create a space to stay connected to our audiences and how do we create opportunities for our artists to work? Sandra [Willis] and I were brainstorming this, and I said, “We could stream an aria a day,” and she said, “An aria a day keeps the doctor away!” And it stuck.

Jacqueline Dark. Photo courtesy of Opera Queensland

What do you think will surprise people about these performances in such an intimate space?

I was interested in exploring what was possible when encountering a singer in their home – no props, no costumes, just the music and their voice. We wanted to celebrate the phenomenal skill of a voice in full flight and the generosity of someone welcoming you into their lives beyond the stage. Hopefully the surprise will be found in the simple humanity of it.

Importantly, the singers are all being paid for their participation. Why is this important? 

For the same reason it’s important that politicians, or doctors or football players or hairdressers or anyone...