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Review: The Very Best of Gilbert & Sullivan (Sydney Symphony Orchestra)

If you put 50 G&S buffs in a room they would each produce a different list of The Very Best of G&S.  So naming this concert was a bit like leading with one’s chin. That said, it was a very enjoyable evening of light theatre and costumed delights, with a good selection of items from seven of the thirteen surviving operas by Arthur Sullivan and WS Gilbert – works of such brilliance that they have informed the style and structure of light musical theatre ever since. The balance between numbers worked well, although given the plethora of great material to draw upon that would not have been difficult (hence my jibe at the title of the show). Stuart Maunder directed, compèred and played the patter roles very adroitly and the cast was largely in good form. One of the strengths of the evening was hearing the music backed up by a full orchestra.  As the collaboration between librettist and composer evolved, more weight was placed upon the contribution of the orchestra. One can get away with using a piano reduction in HMS Pinafore(although I wouldn’t recommend it) but you simply can’t…Continue reading Get unlimited digital access from $3 per month…

June 27, 2011