The 2018 Art Music Fund recipients have been announced, with $100,000 going to nine composers for the creation of new works in the Fund’s third year. This year’s recipients are Anthony Pateras, Bree van Reyk, Connor D’Netto, Elissa Goodrich, Fiona Hill, Julian Day, Matt Keegan, Rae Howell and Tristan Coelho. The Art Music Fund commissions new work that is “innovative, displays professional compositional craft and represents a benchmark of excellence in its field.”

“It is gratifying to see such creative diversity represented in the list of recipients of the fund, which reflect the many streams of activity in art music across the cultural sector,” said CEO of the Australian Music Centre John Davis. “Such outcomes have also been a characteristic of previous funding rounds, which highlights the need for such support, so congratulations to APRA AMCOS for continuing this initiative, and supporting artists in this way.”

Connor D'Netto, Rae Howell, Art Music Fund Art Music Fund recipients Connor D’Netto and Rae Howell. Photo: supplied

The recipients represent a diverse cross-section of compositional practices, from Connor D’Netto – whose Third String Quartet will be premiered in Australia by the Goldner String Quartet in 2019 before...