For the past two years, Ali McGregor and Eddie Perfect have been co-Artistic Directors of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. But this year, for her third and final Festival as AD, McGregor is flying solo.

“It’s mine, all mine!” she says with a laugh. “But I never felt that my wings were clipped having Eddie on board. We have similar tastes in artists so in a way I feel like I’ve just continued to do my job really. There was a little bit of good cop/bad cop going on. Eddie is very clear about some of the things he doesn’t like so every now and then I had a little voice in my head saying ‘what would Eddie do here?’ So he was with me in soul,” she adds.

Artistic Director Ali McGregor will perform in a new show about Peruvian singer Yma Sumac. All photographs supplied by Adelaide Cabaret Festival

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is the world’s largest cabaret festival. Running this year from June 8 – 23, McGregor has announced a program that features 52 performances by more than 330 artists from five countries, including 280 Australians, 118 of them from South...