The Australian National Academy of music has today announced the newly established International Academy Orchestra, a three-year international ensemble and concert series made up of young musicians from Australia, the USA and Finland. Helmed by leading conductors from each country, the orchestra will showcase the music of each region as well as perform across the three continents. Students from Finland’s Sibelius Academy and America’s The Colburn School will join ANAM’s best and brightest for this special musical partnership.

Students of ANAM. Photo © Cameron Jamieson

“Bringing together 90 musicians from three continents over three years, the International Academy Orchestra is an ambitious and unique embodiment of the collective will of some of the world’s finest young artists to explore and to create,” said ANAM Artistic Director Nick Deutsch.

“ANAM is proud to be part of this international triumvirate of music academies. Over three years the project will collectively examine the music of each of our homelands through the eyes and ears of our leading composers, leading to questions, discussions and inspirational music-making. Projects such as these are testament to the international level that ANAM is proud to have established and continues to grow.”