Emerging composers in South Australia will soon have the opportunity create new chamber works, while being mentored by award-winning Anne Cawrse and other established composers during the brand-new ReClassified Festival in Adelaide.

Anne Cawrse

Made possible by a grant from the South Australian government, ReClassified will feature a series of workshops led by Cawrse, who says, “this is a great way to experience and build working relationships with both established musicians and composers”. Cawrse will be joined by fellow mentor composers including David John Lang, Rachel Bruerville and Martin Cheney.

With their guidance, the workshop participants will write works for trios of professional musicians including Martin Alexander (viola), Helen Ayres (violin), Mitch Berick (clarinet/bass clarinet), Josh van Konkelenberg (organ), Tom Marlin (cello), Dean Newcomb (clarinet), Joshua Oates (oboe), Cheryl Pickering (mezzo-soprano) and Melanie Walters (flute).

Held over three Sundays in November, the festival will culminate in public performances of the successful composers’ works to be held at the North Adelaide Baptist Church and Hall, Stangate House, Aldgate and Z-Ward, Glenside. The performances will also be recorded.

The festival is being organised by Recitals Australia, a 50-year-old Adelaide-based non-profit, volunteer-led organisation with...