Australians are massive consumers of the arts, so why are our news outlets asleep at the wheel when it comes to reporting on culture?

The question comes from three Melbourne-based artists, Nina Sanadze, Mia Salsjö and Tai Snaith, who have launched a petition calling for the arts to be included in our daily news services.

Nina Sanadze, Mia Salsjö, Tai Snaith

The ARTS are NEWSworthy petition is calling for all TV channels, particularly SBS and ABC news, to add a permanent and daily art and culture news updates at the end of all news broadcasts, similar to sports news – something the arts community has been calling for for decades.

“This is a long overdue direction for the news services to expand their market share through matching content to consumer demand,” said Sandaze, Salsjö and Snaith.

“We seek substantial arts segments in the daily TV and radio news bulletins. Like sport, the arts are an inspiration to all! We want the arts to be visible in a time that needs to see...