Beethoven has taken out the top spot in this year’s ABC Classic 100, which asked listeners across the country to name the composer they just couldn’t live without. Having clearly struck a chord, the broadcaster received a staggering 127,971 votes overall, setting a new record in the annual poll’s 18-year history.


“This year’s Classic 100 has been an amazing journey,” said Toby Chadd, Content Manager of ABC Classic. “We’ve heard about the music that you love – from iconic film composers to home-grown talent to the acknowledged classical greats. Beethoven narrowly beat Bach and Mozart to the crown, and we’re celebrating in style with a performance of his ‘Ode to Joy’ featuring an 800-strong choir at the Sydney Opera House, followed by a reading of his heart-wrenching ‘Testament’ from John Bell.”

Unsurprisingly, the composer is no stranger to the Classic 100, with 89 of his works having made it into previous countdowns. His Choral Symphony has enjoyed the spotlight a remarkable eight times, whilst four of his works have placed first in past Classic 100 polls.

“Beethoven was music’s biggest revolutionary,” said Classic Breakfast’s Russell Torrance. “He took the niceties of the existing...