Australian conductor Daniel Carter has been appointed as the new General Music Director of the Landestheater Coburg in Germany.

“It is a huge honour,” says Carter, who began his career at Victorian Opera as assistant to Richard Gill, and later at Opera Australia, before going on to work with Simone Young in Hamburg.

Daniel Carter Daniel Carter. Photo supplied

“The Landestheater is one of only a few State Theatres in Bavaria (the others being Munich and Nuremberg), and is a building full of amazing history,” says Carter. “The theatre company traces its history back to 1684, and the current heritage-listed theatre was built in 1840, and the foyer is full of large paintings from Wagner’s set designer for the Bayreuth Festival. With all of this surrounding me I have definitely been feeling the weight of history as I have been exploring the building in the last little while.”

The 30-year-old conductor wasn’t expecting to rise to such a prominent position so early, becoming one of the youngest (if not the youngest) GMDs in Germany. “I of course hoped that it would happen at some point in my career, but I am very grateful that it...