Australian pianist and composer Daniel Rojas has won second prize in the Solo Division of the Piazzolla Music Competition. Rojas, who specialises in the rich, vibrant music of Latin America, played Piazzolla’s Resurrección del Angeland the popular Libertango.

The first prize in the Solo Division was awarded to Russian accordionist Anton Stachev. Quinteto Respiro won first prize in the Ensemble Division.

The Piazzolla Music Competition is run by PARMA Recordings, the Fundación Astor Piazzolla, and members of the composer’s family. It aims to unearth new talent through performances of Astor Piazzolla’s work. This year’s competition celebrated the 100th birthday of the Argentine tango composer, bandoneon player and arranger. Proceeds from the competition, totalling $10,000, are being donated to the Playing for Change Foundation to support music and art education in under-resourced communities around the world.

Daniel Rojasspoke to Limelightabout his exciting win.

Daniel Rojas. Photograph © Mike Chesworth

How was the competition conducted?

The Piazzolla Music Competition commemorates 100 years since Astor Piazzolla’s birth. The international reach of this competition is truly capacious with entrants from all over the world competing in one...