Thirty years after taking on the role of Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre in 1991, aged just 25, Stephen Page has announced that he will leave the company in early 2023. The process of handing over to his successor began when Frances Rings was appointed as Associate Artistic Director in 2019. As expected, she will step into the role of AD when Page departs.

Stephen Page Frances Rings

With the revelation of her appointment, Page said: “Frances Rings is an exceptional dancer and a gifted and visionary choreographer. Her works for Bangarra, among them the acclaimed Unaipon, Terrainand SandSong, stand as precious works of profound artistic and cultural truth.”

“I am delighted to now entrust the future of Bangarra to this deeply committed and community connected cultural leader not only because of her sensational artistry but because her lived experience is that Bangarra is so much more than an arts organisation. Ceremonially I pass her this precious coolamonfilled with all our truly unique First Nations dancers and administrators as...