Bangarra Dance Theatre has announced that applications are open for the 2021 David Page Music Fellowship program.

David Page

Proud Manaldjali and Nunukal man Roy David Page was Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Songman, Composer and Music Director. Following his deathin 2017, Bangarra established the fellowship program to provide opportunities for early career Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander composers and musicians.

The program provides two music/sound artists with not just a paid artistic role connected to Bangarra over the course of 12 months, but also an immersive experience with the company and the opportunity to work in a professional, culturally safe and intensely collaborative work environment while being supported by highly experienced mentors.

The breadth of the opportunity is designed in recognition of Page’s contribution to so many productions in so many varied artforms. Page was best known as a composer who collaborated with choreographers, writing music that featured a distinctive fusion of traditional Indigenous influences combined...