Season Preview 2020

Belvoir has announced its 2020 season, with a swathe of new works coming to the company next year.

Dance Nation. Photos supplied

“So many of the classics are not on the button enough right now, to be honest,” Artistic Director Eamon Flack tells Limelight. “So we’re having to kind of look in different places for work that really makes some sense of what everyone is experiencing right now, the bewilderment and insanity of the situation that everyone is in. That means we’ve got to make work in a different way.”

It’s a season, he explains, that explores the relationship between the domestic and the big picture. “Certainly at the moment it feels like we’re watching a world in which the big picture is a complete mess – and somewhat insane – and really being driven by a whole lot of men who are really out of their depth but who don’t know it. It’s kind of put the focus back on the very human level of things.”

What comes out of the works programmed for 2020 then, is “this sense of...