Orchestra celebrates their old maestro in the Digital Concert Hall for the 25th anniversary of his death.

Today, works from Karajan’s extensive repertoire have joined the online archives of Berliner Philharmoniker to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Herbert von Karajan. The distinguished conductor’s video recordings of Beethoven’s Symphanies No. 6 from Autumn 1967 (directed by Hugo Niebeling) and No. 9 from 1968 (directed by François Reichenbach) will join other recently released works from Karajan’s extensive media heritage.

Always on the cutting edge of recording technology, Karajan left to the world a musical legacy that is now being made available in the Digital Concert Hall. The BPO online concert archive, documenting 50 years of the orchestral history, has recently expanded to include comprehensive HD quality footage of their work with Karajan during his long-time role as chief conductor. Many of Karajan’s core works, including complete cycles of symphonies by Brahms and Beethoven, are now available online, alongside a wealth of text and images from the Karajan era.

The first release of Karajan’s works on July 4 included Dvořák’s New WorldSymphony...