A new white paper report by MIDiA Research, commissioned by classical music streaming service IDAGIO, has painted a rosy picture for the future of classical music streaming. “We were excited to validate the hypothesis that a classical music resurgence was possible in today’s on-demand music streaming world,” MIDiA Research’s Consulting Lead Keith Jopling said. “We found that classical music fans are different to pop music fans, but overwhelmingly just more interested and more curious about music.”

Australian Chamber Orchestra The Australian Chamber Orchestra. Photo © ACO

MIDiA’s report,  The Classical Music Market: Streaming’s Next Genre?is based on an online consumer survey of 8,000 adult music consumers across eight markets – the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico and South Korea – as well as MIDiA’s 2018 market models, which were used to calculate market values and trends for the classical music genre.

The research found that radio and CDs are still the format of choice for classical music fans, but that 19 percent of listeners regularly consumed classical music via video streaming platforms YouTube and Vevo. The report also reveals that classical music streaming revenue was up 46 percent in 2018.

According to MIDiA’s...