QTC, Dead Puppet Society and Israeli-Australian singer Lior have collaborated to explore the origin of evolution.

Charles Darwin’s 1831 voyage on the HMS Beagle was a 5-year journey that saw him explore barely discovered territories like Rio de Janeiro, New Zealand, Australia and crucially for his theory of evolution, the remote Galapagos Islands. It was one of the most important scientific undertakings of its day, forever changing our understanding the origin of our species, but now this intrepid expedition has become the inspiration for a new collaboration between Queensland Theatre Company, Dead Puppet Society and Israeli-Australian singer Lior: The Wider Earth.

The production will explore Darwin’s voyages across the world and follows his discoveries of different animals and insects. After the success of The Harbingerin 2014, Dead Puppet Society’s critically acclaimed tale of civil war, the company will be using their innovative puppeteering skills to create the creatures that Darwin studied on his journey, from the tiniest longhorn beetle to the ancient Galapagos tortoise.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Lior has been secured to write the music for the production in what will be his first foray into the theatre world as a composer. Known for his acoustic folk style and his...