The Sydney Symphony Orchestra has announced that David Robertson has extended his five-year contract as Chief Conductor and Artistic Director by an additional year, taking his tenure to the end of 2019.

“This will round out my time leading this great institution to six years, ending at the conclusion of 2019; although given my love of the SSO, it’s very likely you will see me return to the podium as guest conductor for years to come,” said Robertson in a statement.

David Robertson. Photograph © Jay Fram

The SSO’s Managing Director Rory Jeffes said that Robertson has been “an inspiring leader” since taking up his position with the Orchestra in 2014. “As our artistic leader his ambitious projects have highlighted the virtuosity of our ensemble and helped to grow internationally the profile of the SSO and indeed of Sydney as a cultural destination,” said Jeffes.

At a small press conference, Robertson discussed how much he has enjoyed leading the SSO, and revealed a little of the Orchestra’s 2018 season, to be announced on August 10, including a Brahms mini-festival and concerts with flamenco guitarist Juan Carmona.

Citing the SSO’s ‘operas in concert’ project,...