Edward Walton has won a coveted place in the finals of the celebrated Menuhin Competition. This year’s event, which is being run out of Richmond, Virginia but is taking place virtually, was originally scheduled for 2020 but postponed due to the global pandemic.

Edward Walton Australian violinist Edward Walton

“In a performance I am always striving for my best, so there are always things I wish could have been better,” the young Australian told Limelight, remarking on how he “really enjoys performing and always tries to convey the music as convincingly as possible to the audience,” even when that audience is confined to watching him on a screen.

For the semi-finals, Walton chose works from three distinct musical periods: the Allegro con brioand Tema con variazionifrom Beethoven’s jaunty Violin Sonata No 1 in D, Op. 12, Franz Waxman’s bravura Carmen Fantasie, and one from the home team in the shape of Matthew Hindson’s Song of Life.

“I love the tremendous contrast of style and characterisation between Beethoven and Waxman and it’s challenging trying to create atmosphere in the Mathew Hindson in a recording...