Wikipedia is the most-visited website in the world that isn’t social media or a search engine, with more than 6.4 million articles in English alone, covering everything from the latest news events to the most obscure historical episodes. But in all that tremendous store of human knowledge, information about Australian music and musicians is often threadbare or missing entirely.

The Australian Music Centre and the Australia Council for the Arts are calling on music lovers to change that. On Friday 18 February, the AMC will host an online edit-a-thon, titled ‘The Record – Australian Music on Wikipedia’, with the goal of creating new Wikipedia pages for Australian artists and expanding those in need of an update. Registrations for those wanting to take part are essential, as places are limited.

Recognising the power and influence that Wikipedia has as the internet’s first stop for information, many communities have identified edit-a-thons as a way of harnessing their knowledge and spreading the word about certain topics.

The edit-a-thon will also feature the Australia Council’s Head of Music, Kirsty Rivers, a champion for the digital accessibility of Australian creative and cultural content, as a keynote speaker.

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