Six-year-old Hazel Morris from Hope Vale in Queensland dances on red earth, her arms raised high. Her white, skirted leotard stands out against the richly coloured landscape. In the text accompanying the vibrant photograph, she writes: “I live in a remote indigenous community! Due to COVID ballet centres started offering zoom classes and my school teacher signed up so we could learn ballet… and now my dream is to do ballet in a real ballet class and see ballet in person!”

Hazel Morris

Eleven-year-old Missy Norman from Brinsmead is photographed leaping into the air in a soft, floating, white tutu, with dark green trees and grey hills in the background. “I am a gymnast who recently discovered my passion for the ballet barre is bigger than my love of the uneven bars. I am loving pointe work, am improving every day and just love it so much! It makes me feel like I’m flying. It’s why I chose this photo,” she writes.

Dressed as a prince, seven-year-old Giles Nash...