Geoffrey Rush has won his defamation caseagainst Nationwide News, publisher of The Daily Telegraph, over two articles published in 2017 alleging “ inappropriate behaviour” towards fellow actor Eryn Jean Norvill during Sydney Theatre Company’s 2015/2016 production of King Lear. Federal Court Justice Michael Wigney ruled that Nationwide Newsfailed to prove that the imputations made in the two articles were substantially true.

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“This was, in all the circumstances, a recklessly irresponsible piece of sensational journalism of the worst kind,” Wigney said in a summary of his judgement.

While noting that Norvill had been “dragged into the spotlight” by The Daily Telegraph, and had “nothing to gain” from testifying, he described her as a witness “prone to exaggeration and embellishment” and said he was “not satisfied on the balance of probabilities” that the incidents alleged by Nationwide News occurred.

“In assessing Ms Norvill’s evidence, I am also mindful that people who make allegations relating to sexual assault or sexual harassment are often in a particularly vulnerable position and can experience unique and difficult challenges when giving evidence,” he said in his judgement. “The absence of...