South Australian circus company Gravity & Other Myths has won three awards at the first International Circus Awards, held on 9 October. The company won Outstanding Production, Outstanding Achievement in Circography and Outstanding Achievement in Design for their work The Pulse, about which Jansson J. Antmann wrote for Limelight , “the skill, artistry and daring on display is breathtaking”.

Another Gravity & Other Myths show, I Want To Touch You,had also been nominated.

The Pulse

Based in Adelaide, Gravity & Other Forces was formed in 2009 by a group of students participating in the Australian CirKidz program. Its first work A Simple Spacehas been performed more than 850 times across 34 countries and received multiple awards. Its next work Out Of Chaos… premiered at the 2019 Adelaide Festival and received the 2019 Helpmann Award for Best Physical Theatre. The Pulse, which is its most ambitious work to date, features 30 acrobats and 30 choir members.

“The sheer size and scale of this piece was inspiring...