A satirical YouTube video tells the ultimate viola joke.

In the long-running tradition of orchestral musicians poking fun at the viola, an instructional video uploaded to YouTube: ‘How to make a viola tennis racquet’ details the procedure of transforming “an unwanted viola” into playable sports equipment. English violist Graham Oppenheimer details the step-by-step process in what the video description labels as “the ultimate viola joke”.

First stripping the instrument of “extra bits” – strings, bridge, chin-rest and pegs – Oppenheimer then fills the viola with expanding builders’ foam. Applying a coat of poly-urethane varnish, the DIY racquet is finished off by winding a handle grip along the neck of the instrument.

The video has been good-naturedly received by audiences since it was uploaded last week, with 200 likes vs. 15 dislikes and over 25,000 views.

Watch the video here:

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