The world tour of Hugh Jackman’s new show The Man. The Music. The Show. has already been announced internationally, but today Jackman confirmed that the production will come to Australia in August, produced by TEG Dainty.

Hugh Jackman. Photograph © Sam Grimmer

In a media launch at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Jackman – one of Australia’s greatest showmen – said that the concert performance will feature hit songs from the 2017 film The Greatest Showman, in which he starred as P.T. Barnum, as well as Les Misérables and other films and Broadway shows with which he has been associated, including The Boy From Oz. As with his arena production Broadway to Oz, which he performed here in 2015, he will be accompanied by a live orchestra and an ensemble of dancers.

Jackman opened the press event with a performance of A Million Dreamsfrom The Greatest Showman, accompanied by the Australian Girls’ Choir. In news that will thrill fans of the movie, he then presented Keala Settle, who played the film’s bearded lady Lettie Lutz, and said that she will make a special guest appearance on the tour singing the Golden Globe Award-winning song This...