Sydney-based composer Ian Whitney is the recipient of the 2020-21 Layton Emerging Composer Fellowship, which will see him write two chamber music works as part of the Australia Ensemble UNSW’s outreach program. Valued at $10,000, the Fellowship will also see Whitney receive mentoring sessions with a composition staff member at UNSW, members of the Australia Ensemble UNSW, and an external composition mentor. He will also see his works feature at a public workshop to be held in 2021. The Fellowship is made possible by Emeritus Professor Roger Layton and Merrilyn Layton.

Ian Whitney. Photo supplied

“I am thrilled to be selected for the Layton Emerging Composer Fellowship,” Whitney said. “It is immensely exciting – and humbling – to know that I will soon be writing for some of Australia’s best chamber musicians. These opportunities to develop craft and build confidence are rare and valuable and I am grateful to Emeritus Professor and Mrs Layton, the Australia Ensemble, and the University of New South Wales for what promises to be an amazing and enriching experience.”

“The possibility of supporting new emerging composers is for me something that we both always wanted to do –...