Creators of ‘Abbott! the Musical’ scramble to introduce Turnbull’s coup into the show’s finale.

By the final week of rehearsals most shows are busy giving the production a final spit and polish before the first curtain up. Unfortunately for the cast and crew of Abbott! The Musical, opening next week, the recent political turbulence in Canberra has meant a hurried rewrite just days before opening and the introduction of a new character: Malcolm Turnbull.

The satirical biopic, described by its creators as a “fast-paced musical comedy about the 28th Prime Minister” was first shown at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March. The up-coming season due to open on Monday at the Melbourne Fringe Festival was a reworked version of the original. Since its South Australian debut the show has been tweaked several times to incorporate up-to-date “Abbottisms” and PR gaffes (including that onion) as the former-PM delivered them. However the results of the Liberal Party leadership spill earlier this week have forced a substantial rewrite of the production’s finale to incorporate Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, as well as the introduction of new numbers about the “clandestine relationship” between Turnbull and Deputy Leader Julie Bishop.

Abbott! the Musical is at the Tuxedo Cat September 21 to October 4, part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. 

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