From April to September this year Limelight did not publish a magazine because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, though we kept our website busy. During those months, our publishers put their heads together and formulated a reimagined magazine with longer features at its heart, and a fresh, bold redesign.
We are very excited that Limelight returns to print this month, in its new form. Subscriber copies are now in the post, and the magazine has been uploaded in full for print and digital subscribers to read online. We hope you enjoy it.
Limelight October 2020

In this issue of Limelight

The Australian Turn?
COVID-19 and the unique opportunity for Australian artists
by Steve Dow

Maestro and Muse: Bonynge at 90
Raise a glass to his unmatched contribution to music
by Jan Bowen

A Tale of Two Cosìs
Why two wildly different productions hit the spot
by Harriet Cunningham

Sturm und Drang
The 18th-century movement that caused fear and trembling
by Clive Paget

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