David Robertson, Chief Conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, is our Guest Editor.

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Cover Feature: Music On The Brain
How does music get to our brains? And once it’s in there, what makes it stir our hearts? A neuroscientist takes a look inside the body’s greatest, yet most mysterious organ, and considers the emotive power of sound.

Tristan And Isolde
Wagner’s greatest operatic love story changed the course of music. Walter Frisch, Christine Brewer, Lance Ryan and David Robertson help tell us how.

The Fine Art Of Music
Musicians are often inspired by art, but what about the other way around? David Robertson looks at how artists have responded to music.

Robyn Nevin on Brecht
As the actor prepares to play Mother Courage, she shares her thoughts on the epic German playwright who changed the way theatre works.

Keeping It In The Family
Why does music often run in the family? The Robertsons and the Shahams consider if music be not just the food, but the language of love.

Classical CD, DVD, book and live concert reviews, including a ‘green’ Philippe Jaroussky managing the exquisite shift from Handel to Hahn; Chailly’s Leipzigers revel in Brahms’ twin songs of the earth; Pahud comes of age with a trio of Classical concerti; a lovingly played reissue of Grainger’s piano music; Elgar’s early tales of derring-do, revived for a new generation; and Cencić and Co expose dirty doings down in Persia by way of a tasty slice of Hasse.

The Limelight Classical Chart
Exclusive to Limelight, this chart ranks the top 20 best-selling classical CDs and DVDs according to monthly sales figures drawn from Australia’s leading classical specialist stores.

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